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Britney's Bad Weave, No Bra: Has The Conservator Left The Building? 17.Aug.2009

Something's up in Camp Britney. She's totally given up the bra. Those things are flippin' and floppin' all over her torso - it's a miracle she hasn't had a slip yet. But it's more than just her unrestrained boobies - it's the hair.

Take a close look at the back of her head. It's all broken-off extensions. It looks like her weave hasn't been done for weeks. With all the people on her payroll, could no one make sure the back of this woman's head was covered before she went outdoors?

Like I said, something's going on at Britney's house. Papa would never let this go on unchecked - he'd have her coiffed and securely underwired in seconds. Did he take a vacation? Is he not checking in? Someone better wake up over there before Sam and Adnan realize something's up and storm the gates.