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Jennifer Aniston Only Hoping For Twins, Shuns Angelina's Pleas For Forgiveness 08.Nov.2008

I got your twins, right here.Don't believe everything you read. (That includes here.) Star and The Enquirer are working harder than ever to lure readers in with titles that are somewhat less than accurate. According to Star's cover, Jen is pregnant with twins. Just. Like. That. Only not quite.

If you read the article, you'll find that they don't really think she's pregnant ... but she is seeking fertility treatments with herbal supplements and acupuncture, and she could have twins. She could also get a tummyache from too much Smart Water. There's still plenty of room in that womb.

Not to be undone, sister publication National Enquirer features a story about Angelina calling Jen to beg her forgiveness for falling in love with Brad while he was still married to her. Of course in this story (most likely cooked up by her delusional publicist) Aniston refuses to accept Angie's apologies. This is such horseshit, and so hard to believe. As much as we like to poke fun at the masculine one, no one really believes she's hung up on Brad all these years later. Her publicist needs to come up with a new spin. Instead of trying to paint her as a spurned wife, maybe her publicist can generate some pity for her as a barren and withered spinster.