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Celebrity Halloween, Part Iii: Mel B As Friday Night Seafood Special 31.Oct.2008

Have you hugged your snail today? She looks like a scungilli! For those unfamiliar with the wonders of Italian cooking, scungilli is made from a member of the mollusk family - think large snail-like creature that lives in a shell. Ever see those big cyclone-shaped shells they sell at the seashore that you can hold up to your ear to hear the ocean? What lives in that is what makes up this delectably garlicky dish.

Enough about food, but maybe Mel B was thinking about dinner when she chose this bizarre little minidress with the oversized hood/cowl and the breast-baring neckline. Was she sewn into that dress? She looks pretty good for a woman who had a baby just a few months ago.

While Mel B has never had the fashionista chops her former Spice Pal has, she usually sticks to the simply slutty, this might be an attempt at a more sophisticated style. She should have looked to someone other than Grace Jones for inspiration. I just hope baby Angel Iris didn't see her like that.