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Leo Dicaprio Topless: Butter Belly Hits Ibiza 05.Aug.2009

It makes me more buoyantGawd, remember how hot Leo was in Titanic? It's been all downhill for him since then. He must be carb-loading like a mofo. Pudge is so not hot, especially on one so young and fair.

Leo showed up today on the beach on Ibiza. Despite his fleshy physique, he had no shortage of lady friends. He doesn't strike me as a terribly charming or outgoing guy - it must be the dollar signs. It's not like he's going to meet a woman of quality; everyone knows he's nothing but a playah. Pure and simple.

Will Leo ever feel motivated to regain his former fitness? Maybe, but I'd think he would have done that when he had beautiful Bar Rafaeli on his arm. Maybe he's just binge-eating while getting over his broken heart. Probably not. If anything, he's just growing fat and complacent in his fame and wealth. It's too bad. Now he just looks like that chubby kid who was always last one picked for kickball.