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Really? Sequels To Charlie's Angels And Scream? Well This Is The Country That Made Paul Blart: Mall Cop The No.1 Film. 26.Jan.2009

ScreamI mean can't we all agree that the first Charlie's Angels was fun and all about girl power but by the second one we were bored and a little bit freaked out by Demi Moore's hotness. And then Scream? Seriously? I mean in the third one we were just praying that they would kill Neve Campbell just so it would be over. Of course, David and Courtney are pushing for it. I can't even remember his last film and she was in Bedtime Stories. Drew Barrymore was talking about the possibility of Charlie's Angels 3 because well Cameron doesn't really care and Lucy Liu is too busy starring on ABC dramas that then get canceled. But Drew I think we are okay in the girl power department. I think Hanna Montana has taken care of that. The angels