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No Barbarella For You, Rose Mcgowan. The Big Red "a" On Your Bodice Should Suffice. 24.Oct.2007

Modern day Hester PrynneMaybe if Grindhouse had become the hit everyone thought it would, the little love affair behind the scenes - you know, where the director ends up leaving his wife and five kids for the star - would have scarcely made a blip on anyone's radar. But the movie tanked and tongues started wagging. Insiders said the director allowed his judgment to be compromised by massive amounts of McGowanade. He was literally drunk with it.

Apparently he still is, and he wants to make her a superstar with everyone, not just his willie. If they could just see her as he does, on her knees in the dirt, glistening with sweat and other liquids ... now betrothed, they set their sights on a remake of 60s cult classic Barbarella, which originally starred Jane Fonda. Rose thought she could make it better than ever, and the director and his willie agreed. According to the NY Observer's Transom, however, the director's backers and believers, most notably Universal Studios, just don't think Rose has what it takes to fill the till of a big-budget blockbuster. They can't come right out and say so without alienating the director, though, so the studio wisely came back with a reduced offer to finance roughly 75% of the project, and the director, eager to keep his curvy concubine happy, is shopping it to other studios in hopes of filling the gap.