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Zac Efron A Box Office Top, But What Is He Doing To That Man On That Escalator? 19.Apr.2009

I'm the top now!Just because he's got a box office hit doesn't mean he can accost that poor man like that. I don't care whether he paid for it or not.

Efron claimed he dropped out of Footloose because he wants to grow a dick. Actually he said "grow a bit", but we're not fooled. Pretty little Zacquisha packed on that pancake makeup to make 17 Again, the movie everyone predicted would be a flop. Turns out the HSM groupies haven't deserted him for Twilight after all. Robert Pattinson can breathe a sigh of relief. He won't have to bathe this month after all.

Will Zac Efron become the Michael J. Fox of his generation? Will he be able to graduate to mature roles without real facial hair? Most importantly, will he be able to ditch the Hudgens chick before her mustache fills in? Without some serious waxing she'll have a full beard by June.