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So That's Why She Squints! Did Renee Dump The Coop For Falling Short In The Shorts? 24.Mar.2011

Bad actingOh, man, that's a low blow. You know for a woman to put that on the street about a man she's gotta be one bitter, pissed-off bitch. You'd think someone who's bearded before could handle it a little better ... if in fact this blind item from CDAN is about who alot of us think it's about:

"Although this supposedly had nothing to do with their recent breakup, this A list movie actress told many of her friends that when she was dating her A list movie actor boyfriend that he had the smallest peen she had ever seen on a guy. Like so small that when he did not trim that she had trouble seeing the stump in the bushes if you know what I mean."

Was it Renee Zellwegger and Bradley Cooper? To be honest, I don't think she ever saw his hoo-hoo. Now he's got sucess in Limitless and she's gotten what she needs out of this they've quickly fizzled out. Must have been a fairly short-term agreement. Perhaps it was just the fact that nobody really cared about these two as a couple. They could adopt 30 kids and never be like Brangelina. And that still leaves us wondering about Renee's motivation, why she keeps strapping it on. Money? Boredom? We may never know.