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Zac Efron Tells All About How He Likes His Oral - Kissing, That Is. 11.Jan.2008

Gentle cycle onlyI bet the guys at the gym know better than anyone. I'm just sayin'!

Feeling particularly vulnerable and open, Zac gave explicit descriptions of how he wants to be kissed. From the way it sounds, Zac has been lingually assaulted and emotionally battered. The poor little thing.

Zac says, "Be respectful of the other person and don't just get on in there and grope all over the place. My favorite kisses happen when I've taken it nice and slow." The other person? Pretty generic, right? But watch what happens when Zac talks about his turn-offs: "When girls rotate their tongues around your mouth like a washing machine, that's not a good idea. I've never experienced a washing-machine kiss, but I've heard about them." See what I mean? He says "when girls" do that nasty thing, not some "other person". Hmmm. I'd bet the freakin' farm that Vanessa Hudgens is a washing-machine kisser stuck in spin cycle.