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Wow. Did You Know Keith Urban Got Naked For Playgirl? No Wonder It's Out Of Business 08.Mar.2009

Urban nudityJust kidding, just kidding. He's actually kinda cute bare ass naked. He should come out from under the shadow of that large shiny forehead more often.

Keith took it all off for Playgirl eight years ago. He looks younger now; sobriety has obviously done wonders for him. I still don't know what he'd see in a frozen-faced has-been like Nicole (don't look at me like that; when was the last time she was in a movie that didn't lose money? ), but they seem to be happy living that low-key Nashville life. I think they're good for each other.

Seeing this picture just reminds me that the world is a sadder place now that Playgirl is gone. It's too hard for a woman to find decent eye candy these days, and it's so unfair. What does a girl have to do to get a little full frontal satisfaction these days? No. Never mind. Put that away. I didn't mean you. Seriously, what do you think the chances are that the Clooney will drop trou for ER? Yeah, I know. A girl can dream, though.