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Pink Tries To Defend Horses, Ends Up Looking More Like Their Rear Ends 24.Jan.2008

Hee haw hee hawIt's nice when celebrities lend their fame to support a cause. But they better make sure they know what they're talking about before speaking out, because that same fame means every word they say will be scrutinized, and if they stray off-path, they'll be called out - and most likely, ridiculed.

Rocker Pink took pity on the horses pulling hansom cabs in New York City, saying "Manhattan's carriage horses suffer a miserable, solitary life shackled to a carriage and pulling load after heavy load of tourists, many of whom look like they could use the exercise themselves."

Um, not quite. The New York Horse & Carriage Association begs to differ, and being true New Yorkers, pull no punches. Their rep explained that the horses wear specialized shoes for concrete and get four months' vacation each year. They're also overseen by three different agencies. Pink's comments were dismissed as the "ignorant comments of a B-list pop star. A true 'Stupid Girl' is one who talks publicly about something she knows nothing about."