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Apparently Steven Tyler Is Much Smarter Than The Other Pillheads, Checks Into Rehab 23.Dec.2009

See you soon, bitches!It's about time. Steven has been behaving like a junkie on the sneak for months now, causing his friends and family concern for his welfare, and causing his bandmates in Aerosmith to think they'd lost him - they even went so far as to begin auditions for his replacement. Those would be some mighty big shoes to fill. Yes, I know they're probably dainty little slippers, but I'm being metaphoric here. Work with me.

Steven Tyler wasn't having any of that replacement shit. He showed up uninvited and unannounced at one of guitarist Joe Perry's shows and made that point clear.

He's right. Really, there is no Aerosmith without Steven. Who would they hire - Sammy Hagar? He's all cabo, no wabo these days. No, there is no replacing Steve. It's good to see he's getting help, though. I can think of a few people who should follow his lead.