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Courtney Love Looking Oh So Ano: Who Needs Drugs When You Can Just Starve Yourself To Death? 28.Sep.2007

Weak from hunger ... for 6 months or soIt only makes sense that she would trade one illness for another. If she can't blow her brains out with drugs, she'll just punish herself this way. She probably is/was/could be a world-class cutter, too. For months the tabloids have speculated on the cause of Courtney's dramatic (some say as much as 40 pounds) weight loss. Courtney brushed it off, blaming stress, exhaustion, any number of things, and because no one really wants to listen to her blather, it was left alone.

Guess what? Bitch is still scrawny, and dangerously so. It's painfully obvious that Courtney's eating disorder has progressed to a much more serious state. Look at all the fuzz on that face - that's a classic symptom of anorexia. Oddly enough, if not for the hair extensions, you'd also probably see bald spots all over her head. As it is you can clearly see her scalp.

Courtney needs to get treatment and learn how to eat again. I can't imagine what this is doing to Frances, Kurt Cobain's and her daughter. She's looking more and more like her father lately ... I hope her stupid mother doesn't make her an orphan.