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John Galliano Runway Show A Tribute To Carrot Top. Why, God, Why?!? 04.Jul.2008

Carrot Top by GallianoWhy would anyone seek to emulate a Raggedy Andyhead with 'roid-fueled muscles, a spray tan and guyliner? What kind of a role model is that, and for who?

Perhaps Galliano didn't realize what he was doing. He may have been having nocturnal emissions caused by his barely suppressed desire for an orange guy with a little carrot top and bottom. Or maybe Carrot Top reminds him of someone from his past. It's hard to say, but it was impossible to ignore at Galliano's Spring 2009 runway show, when all of his male models wore Carrot Top wigs and ridiculously flamboyant ensembles. More than likely he was trying to demystify his models, making them more relatable to his audience by making them look the fool in their little red wigs. Vivienne Westwood may have had similar thoughts when she let that leather bear daddy loose on the runway in her show. Travolta by Westwood