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Matthew Mcconnaughey Is Hot In A Suit. It's Easier To Hide Those Stumpy Arms In Long Sleeves. 26.Sep.2007

I miss my Airstream

Seriously, he does clean up well. And the hair plugs look so realistic. You'd think he was born with it.

Matthew McConnaughey is the picture of radiant good health. And in most of the pictures we see him in, he's doing something physical half-naked. Which is not so bad, as long as you don't examine the proportion of his arm length to his torso. He has very short arms, which is why he's always running, so he can keep them bent and not look too funny.

Funny or not, Matt's been tapped to replace Owen Wilson in a new film with Ben Stiller. I can understand the reasoning behind the decision, but I don't think he'll play off Ben anywhere near as well as Owen does. Their styles are so complimentary. It should be interesting to see if Matt's got that kind of versatility. I've never minded looking at him, but can't say I'm a huge fan of any of his work, while I adore Owen's surfer/stoner goofiness. I hope he gets well soon. Until then, Matt needs to take off a few layers. He looks he's starting to chafe.