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Start Spreading The News: Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab, May Be Leaving La 25.Aug.2010

NEVER FORGET: Or be doomed to repeatYeah, but would they let her not only leave the state, but cross the country, the day she's released? They can't discharge her without some kind of outpatient plan in place either - even convicted felons have halfway houses and work release to help them adjust to life in the real world. And I'm sure she'll still have probation to deal with, so hopefully she can keep her nose clean, at least until that's over. But could the disaster that Lindsay has become over the last three years really be fixed that quickly? Do they really expect us to believe that Lindsay is not the addict alcoholic thieving conniving piece of shit we all watched her become, but is instead the victim of a misdiagnosis of ADHD, that it was the Adderall that made her like that and not the people, places and things she was doing?

I'm sorry, folks, but I think this is the biggest line of bullshit since ... well, since the last time someone asked her a f**king question. This girl was in way too much trouble to just be all-better-okay-bye-bye in the space of a few weeks. She probably wasn't addicted to any particular drug - Lindsay is most likely what's known as a poly-substance abuser, someone who isn't hooked on anything but will abuse the shit out of anything they can get their hands on. It's commonly seen in people who are bipolar. The doctors at UCLA claim that Lindsay's not as sick as they thought she was and that she should be released immediately. I think Lindsay just put on the best performance of her life.

This isn't/wasn't a girl who just liked to party a little or maybe drank too much now and then: this is a girl who was found passed out in a hotel staircase, the girl who kept falling down everywhere she went - and owner of the most famous pass-out face ever. You mean to tell me three weeks of confinement is enough to undo all that? What about all the cutting and other self-harming? And the toxic environment she grew up in? Damn, home is the last place she should be going. And three weeks is just a siesta to a dedicated party whore. If she can ditch the SCRAM she can still catch the tail-end of the Riviera season. Woot! Woot!