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Hoff Drinking Drama: Alcohol Poisoning Or Psychopath Ex-wife? 03.May.2009

Able to leap tall burgers in a single boundIt's kinda hard to tell with these two. I mean, there's definitely no love lost between the Hoff and Pamela, his ex. He's certainly given her plenty of ammunition, but she's no angel, either. She's had her own battles with addiction and she's been arrested a time or two.

The divorce was finalized a long time ago. The custody and visitation, though, have been a lot more convoluted, and with good reason. Either she's batshit crazy and he's in an alcohol-induced coma or he's chasing some girl his daughters' ages and she's getting popped for a DUI. No shortage of drama here.

So while today's exclusive from Radar Online that the Hoff was rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning yet again was not so surprising - what, he put down the burger but not the beverage? - what was surprising was the lightning-fast rebuttal from Hoff's lawyers, who said that not only was the story untrue, they're dragging Pam back into court over it as it violates her nondisclosure clause. That's all fine and dandy except for the kids - I feel badly for them. What a f**ked up environment to grow up in.