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Tori Spelling Reeling From Attack By Foreign Object, Fears Her Mother Is Behind It 17.Jul.2009

OK, easy, big fella. No sudden moves ...It had to be Mummy. Only Candy would give an anorexic a chocolate cupcake bigger than her entire head. When Tori tried to pick it up, it quickly overpowered her, throwing her to the ground and rolling her under the buffet table. Dean would have helped her but he was too busy getting digits from the hired help again.

Will ambula-Tori (she will be soon, if she doesn't start eating again) and her regal yet crass mother ever make up? They've never gotten along all that well; when dad Aaron was still alive he managed to keep the peace between them, but now that he's gone the claws are out and don't look to be taken in any time soon.

I'm sure Candy has never gotten over the fact that they paid a million bucks for Tori's first marriage and she threw it all away for a Federline-ish nobody. So what if they've got two kids now? They could have 30 or 40 and Candy would still see him as an overly ambitious underling. And Tori will never forgive her for it, especially since Mom was screening (read: screwing) Aaron's replacement before he was even gone. As far as she's concerned, it's all one and the same. They really should bury the hatchet ... just not in each other.