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Lindsay's Milkshake Brings The Boys To The Yard. All Ten Of Them 30.Jul.2009

Sniff sniff jiggle jiggleAnd the Health Department, too, most likely. I don't think you can legally sell a milkshake made of fallen hair extensions, powdered Adderall and cigarette ash. But this is how far she's fallen, that she'd even consider an appearance like this. What did they pay her? An eight ball and a bottle of tequila in a soda bottle?

She looked like she was having a good time, though, even when she stopped shaking her milk bags long enough for them to tie an apron around her. They had to - that little nightie she was wearing definitely wasn't cutting it. There would have been nip slips galore in that thing.

At least she was in better shape than she was when she ambushed Sam outside her house at 5 in the morning, all wired out and needy. Any resemblance to dignity she may have had left went the way of the dodo. And now all she's got left are shitty little gigs like this - and Robert Rodriguez, who wants to cast her in an upcoming film. He must be fighting with Rose again.