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Caught Shagging, Sent Packing: Matt Lauer Joins Tiger Woods And Jesse James In Cheaters' Hall Of Fame 12.May.2010

Once a dog ...While Matt's PR peeps and the folks at NBC do their best to maintain a wholesome, squeaky-clean image for the Today show host, his wandering dick has gotten him into a jam with the Mrs., and it's not the first time.

Radar is reporting that Matt and his long-suffering wife, Annette, have been living apart for a few months already, and that she's not wearing her wedding ring anymore. Gasp! That's some serious shit. But so are the allegations against Matt, especially given their history of having split over the same issue in 2006. Annette even filed for divorce, only to take it all back a month later. This time it's all about Vancouver, where Matt covered the Olympics - and got downright cozy with more than one lady friend. Dude even had the nerve to stand his wife up on Valentine's Day, choosing instead to stay and hang out with these other women. Annette confronted him when he came home, and after "two non-stop days of fighting" he reportedly moved out.

So ... will Matt Lauer's image take a hit when the details of his drunken decathlon with the Canadian cuties comes out? You know it will - mistress stories are big money right now. Either you get paid to shut up or you get paid to tell all in lewd and lascivious detail, but either way you're cashing in. Lauer is the darling of the homemakers - they don't want to think of him as the dirty cheating pig that he is. Somehow I think he'll get off easier than Tiger and Jesse, though. He's been at this a lot longer and plays the game much better than they ever will.