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Britney Spears, Walking Fat Gland: All The Pills In The World Won't Make It Go Away 26.Oct.2007

Maybe this is more trouble than it's worthPoor little fattie. Britney had a really tough day. Expect to her see bare coochie any minute now.

Today was the big custody hearing. Britney pulled herself together - it even looked like she might have actually bathed - and got to court on time for a change. She was determined to show the commissioner her new and improved motherin' self in an effort to reverse his previous ruling.

Unfortunately for Brit, today was also the day the commish reviewed the parenting coach's report; remember, that annoying lady she kept ignoring? Yeah, that's the one. The news must have been a rude awakening to Spears, as she briefly excused herself to run to the bathroom three separate times, each time changing her hair or sunglasses, and each time visibly upset.

A nosy but surely well-meaning reporter from Extra asked her, "How's it going, Britney? " and got a rather nasty response. Britney glared at him and shouted, "Eat it, lick it, snort it, f*%k it!" before returning to the courtroom, still in tears. After several hours, the commissioner declined to make a decision on custody, but allowed visitation to continue as is.