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After The Clooney: Life Just Ain't The Same For Sarah Larson 21.Jan.2009

It went something like thisIt must have been sweet for her, going from cocktail waitress to Clooney holster. And then he had to yank the rug out from under her when she tried to trick him into knocking her up. Now she's back to that same old grind, and any grind'll do.

Sarah has been on a quest. She's desperately trying to find someone at least remotely famous to latch onto. She might even be the subject of one of CDAN's blind items: "This former celebrity girlfriend of an A lister has made it perfectly clear this week that she wants a return to the limelight. How so? Well she has propositioned a number of actors with movies coming out that she will be more than happy to be their girlfriend as long as they take her to any event getting press for their movie." Sure sounds like Sarah, doesn't it?

In the meantime, she's auditioning any and all takers with a vengeance. She crashed a party in Vegas, slammed down a few drinks and then spent most of the night on the dance floor grinding with a half-dozen guys - all at once. After all that simulated sex you'd think she'd have her pick of the litter. She'd be all het up, as they used to say. So why would she sneak out with Ryan Cabrera of all people? Isn't he going out with Elvis's granddaughter Riley? If so, Sarah better watch out for Lisa Marie ... or worse yet, Grammie Butterface.