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Sunday Rose Has A Big Five-head Like Her Mother, Wonders When She'll Put On A Bra 13.Mar.2009

Nicole and Sunday RoseIf babies could talk, Sunday Rose might be saying things like, "But it's cold and those things poke me" or "But I don't want to nurse from the floor". But Sunday can't talk, so she just hangs her head in embarrassment for her mother.

It is nice to see a decent picture of the little cutie, though I have to wonder: if it's cold enough to make Nicole's nip stick out why is this child not wearing a jacket? What, is it some kind of competition between Tom and his ex over whose baby is most impervious to subzero conditions? Sunday's cheeks look rosy, too - is she freezing or does she have a cold? All the more reason to bundle her up. Maybe the nanny was on a smoke break.

Speaking of maybe, rumors are swirling that Nicole is pregnant again. She was photographed doing the pregnant belly clasp at a recent event, and it did make her look a little swell. Or maybe she's just trying on new strap-ons for the second act.