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Still Not Dead Yet: Patrick Swayze's Cancer Drugs Gave Him A Heart Attack 23.Jul.2009

So hot: How I choose to remember him... but he was so zonked out on pain meds he didn't even notice, poor guy. Gotta hand it to him, though. He's been battling that pancreatic cancer - giving it his all between cigarettes, at least - and has actually been looking a little better lately.

The chemo and radiation he's been taking, though, are wreaking havoc with his other major organs, most specifically his heart. This week's Enquirer reports that Patrick's doctors discovered evidence of a heart attack during a routine checkup. Now they have to decide whether to keep giving him the toxic anti-cancer drugs and risk another heart attack, or to stop the treatment and let the cancer run its course. Pancreatic cancer is not curable, but that doesn't mean he has to believe that. I know if I was diagnosed with terminal cancer I'd be fighting it with everything I've got. I'm sure he's doing the same.

At least Patrick has the love and support of his family. They've all rallied around him and are there for him every step of the way, unlike the family of Farrah Fawcett, who went on meth binges and screwed her best friend in the very next room. Patrick is a lucky man to have them; I'm sure they feel the same way about him.