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Sassy Suri Isn't About To Let A Little Brainwashing Keep Her From Her Destiny 08.Feb.2009

Don't you know who I am? The minders are no match for her. She doesn't care who they are, or how clear they are. She is the child of the Exalted One, and if she doesn't want to wear a coat in 20-degree weather she's not wearing a coat. It's that simple. Get with the program, people.

Suri's got a pretty good gig with the Barley Milkers. They don't believe in stifling a child's spirit, so she can run wild and stomp their guts out if make her wait too long for anything. Just look at that puss! She learned that from Mommy - that's the face she makes when Daddy gets up on his tippy-toes to kiss her good night.

There's just one thing she can't seem to do, no matter how hard she tries, and that's to bring back Mommy's sunshine. Dad may be a little man but he makes a big shadow, and Suri thinks Mom misses all her friends who don't visit anymore. Even Posh gave up, and that must've really hurt. At least she's working more; otherwise she'd be going crazy. Now if only someone would hire Dad they could get some peace.