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Nick Cannon May Look Small, But He Can Do The Work Of 2 Large Men 06.Oct.2009

Hernia watchHow does he do it? Here are two guys easily twice his size, yet they're struggling to give Mimi a boost. She doesn't seem to mind that they're about to bust a spleen but the guy on the right looks more worried about losing his arm.

Mariah's been hitting the promo trail pretty hard, pushing her latest album, which to me sounds like the same ol', same ol' Mimi has been putting out for years. It's a shame - she's got one of the best voices in the business. Too bad she doesn't take any chances with the songs she picks for her discs. (We won't even bring up the Foreigner cover. Shameful.)

Perhaps more promising for Mariah these days is Precious, the movie that may actually get her some Oscar buzz (ya hear that, Madge? !? ), especially since Mo'Nique is trying to pitch a bitch about getting paid for appearances. Even more exciting, Mariah and Nick have been talking babies: Is there a mini-Mimi on the way? The hips and boobs sure look like it, but her weight has always fluctuated wildly between Photoshop and reality.