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Britney Spears, Fashion Adventuress: If The Shirt Doesn't Fit, It Will Look Like S**t. Get A Mirror. 29.Jun.2007

And we're not talking about that little one you always keep handy to ... check your complexion.

Feed it pork rinds and watch it grow There is new speculation on whether Britney actually did have a drug problem - either that or Leslie Sloane Zelnick is an even better publicist than we all thought. TMZ reported today that Promises didn't test Britney for drugs until 15 days after her admittance, and there was nothing in her system. Of course there was nothing in her system - two weeks had gone by!!

Even if all those stories Crackberried in from club crawlers are wrong and Britney wasn't blowing rails, even if her problem really was untreated post-partum depression, even if K-Fed is using Britney's fear of the media against her in their divorce negotiations, even if everything you've read about Britney for the last year is completely false, how do you explain this? Does this look sane to you? I rest my case.Make it stop! It's hurting my eyes!