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Phoebe Price Went To A Party At Jlove's House, Brings Her Tired Old Rack 28.Feb.2009

They're cringingI have to be very careful here, so as not to offend the esteemed Michael K. (love you, baby), but ... damn. Put those things away. If they could hide they would but they can't move. They haven't moved since 1992. The only sag you see is beneath them, like the frame can't hold up those supersize fun bags anymore.

Phoebe is like one of those car wrecks you can't help but watch. There's just something about her. I guess she's done some C-list work here and there (yes, she's an actress), but she's more famous for flagging down the paparazzi on Robertson and begging them to take her picture.

Despite all that, it's kinda hard to hate her. She knows how cheesy she is - she can laugh at herself better than any celebutante. There comes a time, however, when you've gotta hang it up, or you end up looking absurd. 'nough said.