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Lindsay Lohan, Soup To Nuts Designer: I Knew She'd Find A Way To Put Crack In A Can 21.Apr.2010

C'mon. These toothbrushes aren't selling. I've got bills to payThat Orange Oprah. She's a lousy mother but a great quote. She just can't help stepping in it somehow every time she opens her mouth. What's almost tragic is that she thinks by doing these little "interviews" she's somehow helping her daughter. You know, like her father thinks he's helping Lindsay by releasing secretly recorded conversations. He's truly asshole father of the year, but Mama's not much better.

Radar has a video interview with the senior crack whore that is hilarious in its delusional depth. Dina says her daughter does NOT go out every night; it's the paparazzi using the same photos over and over again. Um, then why do we never see Lindsay in the same outfit, in the same place, twice? Oh, and Lindsay doesn't have money trouble, either. She just pays a bill a little late now and then. Everyone does it, she says. True, that, but the rest of us work our asses off to pay our bills late. This girl's sense of entitlement is such that balancing a budget, writing a check, showing up for work on time and doing a good job, all that is beyond her.

The best part, though, was Dina talking about Lindsay's success as a designer. ? We? re in Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales... she designs everything from soup to nuts." She sounds like an infomercial ... or a parasitic mother desperate to keep that gravy train rolling.