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Desperate To Top Jude's Jailbait Hook-up, Sienna Miller Photographed Topless With Married Getty Heir 13.Jul.2008

Shameless Sienna and her little boy chest

What the hell is wrong with Sienna Miller? Has she lost her freakin' mind? Until very recently Balthazar Getty was happily married; the youngest of his four kids is only 8 months old! Yet despite Getty's denials of their "secret" romance, Sienna's not afraid to let it all hang out. Again.

Since her split from Rhys Ifans, Sienna has been persona non grata in London's Primrose Hill, where long-time rivals like Kate Moss and Sadie Frost have closed ranks around her devastated former lover. Should the little slut turn up, the reception would be anything but warm these days.

Like Lindsay Lohan, Sienna simply ran out of eligible bachelors in her neck of the woods so she decided to move on. Now that she thinks she's a big movie star she's said to be looking for a new place in West Hollywood. Maybe her fling with the Getty heir is just insurance for the future; if the movie roles dry up, perhaps he'll take care of her the way Diddy promised he would before they hooked up. We all know how that turned out.