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Celebrity Dui, Hills Edition: Stephanie Pratt Arrested For Dui, Dear Brother Lets Her Rot In Jail 18.Oct.2009

Before the DUI: Shoulda called a cabWhat, Spencer couldn't part with a lousy $5,000? He and Heidi get more than that for groping melons in the supermarket. He was probably still too f**ked up to make an appearance. Once he has a chance to sober up I'm sure he'll call a press conference or something.

Sucks for Stephanie, though. TMZ says that she got popped leaving Heidi's birthday party, that the cops were just waiting for her to hop in her car and drive. It was even reported that a fight broke out when bystanders took pictures of Stephanie getting cuffed. Get real, people. Seriously.

This isn't Stephanie's first brush with the law, of course. About a year ago we reported on the littler Pratt's arrest for shoplifting and possession. Her parents got her out of that one, but this time they're letting her stew in the stir. Has somebody been hitting the rock again?