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Clay Aiken, Sperm Donor: How Many Daddies Do You Know That Can Do This? 31.May.2008

Not on the shirt!I wondered if this is what the Craiglist boys see when they hook up at the Red Roof Inn. He probably tells them he's got the carpet to match the roof, too. Ewww!

Everyone knows Clay doesn't like girls (whether he admits it or not). His little feud with Kelly Ripa was a blatant case of vagina envy gone wrong, but apparently he doesn't hate all women. Clay has graciously donated some of his precious carrot rocket love seed to his good friend Jaymes Foster, who is 50 and divorced without children. But that's not all. Clay plans to be a hands-on dad and looks forward to raising his conceived-without-coital-contact child with his BFF.

One has to wonder who released this worthless tidbit of information and why. Clay seems to be doing well in Spamalot on Broadway and hasn't been hit with any gay porn scandals for a while, so this doesn't appear to be remedial PR. For someone who says he hates going to clubs and fears hot sweaty sex with strangers, he doesn't seem to have much trouble manufacturing the necessary ingredients for a child. Maybe he's just gotten used to (and now prefers) doing it by himself.