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Ryan Seacrest Gets Bitten By Shark, But Doesn't Get To Reciprocate 29.Jul.2008

Shark whispererOh, well. We came this close to being rid of the smarmy little man who has done more to dumb down TV than anyone in broadcast history ... I'm sure he'll come up with a reality treatment for his "ordeal". After all, it's not every day that someone comes face to face with a teeny weeny sand shark and lives to tell the tale. Or is shameless enough to even bring it up his radio show, where he shamelessly plugs anything he's got a piece of. Don't let his deference to Simon fool you: Ryan Seacrest's got a lot going on.

Today's NY Daily News has a cute little blurb on Ryan's close encounter with a shark species not known to dine on human flesh. While not revealing exactly where he was bitten, Ryan did say he found a shark tooth in his skin!

That's not going to stop a man so driven yet so cheeky. Auditions are underway for the next season of American Idol. I can hardly wait.