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Oh, Mercy! It Is In Country Baby Hunting. Malawian National Debt Shrinking By The Day 30.Mar.2009

If you don't move, It might not see youWhat It wants, It gets. Madge set her eyes on a little girl named Mercy in a Malawian orphanage two years ago, and has been trying to close the deal ever since. How many schools will she have to build? How many palms will she have to grease? What will it take for this stubborn, gristly woman to finally get her way?

Probably not much. The courts postponed their decision on Mercy's adoption until Friday, but I can't imagine Madge going home empty-handed. That just doesn't happen, whether you're talking about clothes, men, or even babies. Especially babies. You know how she's always talking about being a devoted mother. And she does it without actually taking care of them or spending any time with them. Amazing.

The Malawian courts are almost certain to cave in to the Bank of Lourdes, Rocco and David but are not about to be rushed. There is some talk of disapproval over her boy-toying and Kabbalah, but money talks, especially in an impoverished third world nation. She could probably buy everyone in that country a house and a car and still have enough left over to keep herself looking young almost indefinitely. Now that's scary.