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Two And A Half Men And A Whole Bunch Of Crazy: Jon Cryer's Ex Is Even Worse Than Charlie's 25.Feb.2010

2 and 1/2 grams? At leastAt least she didn't put out a hit on him. Not that we want to show too much love for wacky tacky Denise Richards, but she actually comes out smelling like a rose in this one. When Charlie missed work last Monday and Tuesday, it was Denise that reached out to his bosses to alert them of a crisis in the making. Charlie sure didn't make it easy - he sent Brooke off to rehab with a snort and a smile, and then dodged his handlers for a few hours after they announced he'd already been admitted for treatment. Apparently he wasn't going anywhere 'til he went through his stash.

As crazy as Camp Sheen has been lately, it has nothing on the trials and tribulations of his co-star, Jon Cryer. Jon's ex-wife, Sarah Trigger, is apparently out of her f**king gourd crazy and is currently under investigation by the FBI for putting out a hit on her ex-husband. Although Crazy Sarah and her ex-boyfriend (the alleged wannabe hitter) both claim the other party is full of shit, Warner Bros. security is on high alert even though they don't film Two Men in front of a live audience.

All the same, there sure seems to be an extra helping of nutsy cuckoo on the set of this show. Filming is currently on hiatus while Charlie completes his Jiffy Lube rehab - two weeks instead of the usual 28 days or so. I'd think with a repeat "offender" like Charlie an extended stay would be recommended; the standard fare obviously hasn't done well for him, and with Brooke freshly 'habbed as well, the temptation for them to slip might be too great. They're just too toxic together.