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Nicole Richie Sentenced To 4 Days In Jail; Paris Said To Be Livid, Kicking All Her Dogs Between Bong Hits 27.Jul.2007

Nicole and JoelProving once again that she was always the brains behind The Simple Life, Nicole Richie copped a plea today, receiving a four-day sentence and a $2,048 fine. She will also be required to attend drunky school. Not bad for a second DUI, huh?

Nicole made a very discreet entrance and exit from the courthouse, looking tres chic in a billowy black dress and carrying her trademark oversized bag (Balenciaga, I think). She even got Joel to get rid of his stupid Pepe LePeu skunk stripe and put on a suit, too. In all fairness, he does seem to really care about her. It's about time she met someone who does - and who isn't afraid to stand up to her. The way she has her father cowed is shameful.

News of Nicole's sentence probably didn't set well with her big-footed, STD-ridden former sidekick Paris, who is still vacillating between changed woman and booze-swilling club skank. Unlike Paris, Britney and Lindsay, Nicole took herself underground, unplugging from the paparazzi circuit and concentrating on getting well. She still hasn't confirmed her pregnancy yet, but she does look healthier than she has for a year or so. There was no word on when she would begin her sentence. If she is in fact with child, they might let her wait until after the baby, according to some sources. See, the rich and famous do get special treatment.