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Is Amy Hurting Herself Again, Or Just A Victim Of Drug Abuse And Poor Personal Hygiene? 06.Mar.2008

Not her best lookHow about all of the above? Whose bright idea was it to let this girl go on her merry way after only two weeks in rehab? Her dad? Her record company? Where are they now? Oh, that's right - they got their Grammy awards. Friggin' parasites.

Not surprisingly, Amy hasn't managed to keep it together since the Grammies. That wonderful support network that came together so quickly to save her from herself was right quick to desert her when the show was over. Since then she's been reportedly trashing hotel rooms, drinking in pubs and scratching her arms all up. Oh, and now she is said to either have impetigo, a highly contagious skin infection or she's taking her self-harming to a dangerous new level, allegedly putting a cigarette out on her own face.

I really thought that getting Amy away from Blake's influence, and winning all those Grammies, would be what she needed to turn her life around. Now I'm not so sure. If she's as addicted to heroin and cocaine as the British press contends, she can't see past getting her next fix, and may be beyond all hope.