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Mischa Barton Still Smoking Too Much Pot, Thinks She Is More Stylish Than Posh 08.Oct.2008

Dawn of the brain deadSomeone get this silly twit into detox before she starts thinking she's the Queen of England. Whoever is rolling her joints and whispering in her ear should be taken out back and shot. If you keep encouraging her she'll never go away!

Mischa had a little chat with the folks at The Sun recently about fashion and style. They must have had some dead space they needed to fill at deadline, or she has a special friend somewhere in the warehouse. She's not above getting her knees a little dirty for a little press. She's also not above speaking out without the benefit of a publicist to censor her stupid ass, and of course she stuck her foot in it again. She told The Sun that she doesn't think Posh "is a good example of British style at all." Has she been eating the paint chips again?

The Z-lister went on to say that she doesn't dress for anyone else, and that the reason people like her style is that she does her own thing. No, her left tit does its own thing. She's just along for the ride, slopping and flopping all the way.