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Is Amy Winehouse Really Sick, Or Are They Sneaking In A Detox? 20.Jun.2008

She's as ill as she looksShe won't go voluntarily, or if she does, she only stays for a week or two and then goes back to her death-wishing ways. Then last week Amy "fainted" (publicist's euphemism for "passed out" or "OD'd"), and when she came to, her dad Mitch persuaded her to go into the hospital.

Since her admittance, Amy is reported to be suffering from an irregular heartbeat; today came news that she's coughing up blood and may have a lung infection or tuberculosis. While both conditions are certainly plausible given the company she kept and the kind of drugs she was doing, reports also indicate that she's being kept "on a drip when medics try to wean her off hard drugs." That's great, but won't she then have to either be given a steady supply of the replacement drugs or put her through detox all over again, otherwise she's doomed to repeat history.

And thus is born yet another great celebrity cottage industry: the medication of Amy. Unless properly treated, Amy will continue to medicate, whether that be via traditional medicine or street pusher. She is powerless to do otherwise. The shame is all the jackals and parasites that are standing in the sidelines, just waiting to cash in on her affliction.