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And You Thought Madonna Mellowed With Age: Can We Guess Who Was The Top? 11.Sep.2007

Wow! We haven't seen Madge sporting a smirk like that in years. Maybe she's just more of a giver than a taker. Guy looks like he still doesn't know what hit him.

Is someone a little saddlesore?

Madonna hit the street recently with her faithful and obedient husband in tow and her new favorite friend close at hand. For those who can't make it out because the image quality is icky, that little baby is a nasty little strap-on called the Penetrator. That's right; I said strap-on. And we all thought Guy was a settling influence over the woman who would stop at nothing to shock and offend.

Or perhaps this is just a gift Madge is planning to share with the Malawian official sent to evaluate the Ritchies as parents for little David Banda. He should have accepted the free airfare.