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Damn That Scram! Lindsay's Booze Detector Goes Off, Judge Issues Warrant 08.Jun.2010

No worries here!But get this: the bitch still isn't in jail. What does she have to do to get locked up?

It all started at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night. Lindsay actually looked pretty, healthier than she has in ages. Yeah, she had that stupid sequined bell-bottom jumpsuit thingy on with her funbags hanging out, but she looked clean. Too bad she might not have stayed that way.

At about 1 AM, Lindsay's SCRAM bracelet began flashing - bright red flashing lights that could be seen through her boots, according to the other folks at the afterparty she was attending. Those same mysterious sources all stated that they didn't see Lindsay drink or do any drugs, and of course she denies it emphatically (via Twitter, of course), but I believe the margin for error on one of those things is pretty slim. She can't claim a drink was spilled on her because the monitor would register a spike in alcohol level that couldn't be made by consumption. So it will be interesting to hear what excuse(s) she uses. Maybe it was Dr. Drew! He always said he would try to frame her to get her into treatment. I'd check on his whereabouts - he's hurting for Celebrity Rehab contestants - the show is in danger of cancellation for lack of participants. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.