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And The Other Movie About Friends With Benefits Is Finally Here! 06.Dec.2010

Mila Kunis and Justin TimberlakeThis one looks like it has a lot more nudity than the Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher vehicle, No Strings Attached, which was originally titled Friends with Benefits as well but I guess Justin reminded Ashton that the one time he punk'd him was not cool since he actually cried on television. What is weird is that both of these films star the two ladies from The Black Swan which is getting high praises. I guess after that difficult shoots both girls wanted to do something light with men who were, not as smart as them. Maybe the girls had a bet going or something. Friends with Benefits, which stars Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake looks a little less cutesy than NSA but at the same time you know people this good-looking are bound to fall for eachother. FWB also stars Patricia Clarkson which is a rather impressive get though she was in Easy A so she seems to be riding the young people movie train. NSA may have the main advantage though because it comes out in January and FWB will not be out until summer. This is how Chasing Liberty managed to do just a smidgeon better than First Daughter though I think everyone can agree they were both really big pieces of crap.