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Jessica Simpson Being Forced To Choose Between Tony And Papa Joe. Will She Do The Right Thing? 21.Mar.2009

My daddy likes taking my picture: That way he gets paid twiceI sure hope so. She's really found a decent guy in Tony. Sure he gets her all liquored up because he likes her better when she's all sloppy, and he won't give her what she wants the most - a ring and a baby - but he puts up with her family's assholery and seems to be good to her.

That just kills Papa Joe, who worked so hard to get Tony to date his daughter ... and now he wants to wash him out of her hair. See, Jess is Daddy's little moneymaker, and she used to do whatever he said to turn a buck. Since Tony's been around, however, she's more likely to disappear for an afternoon of horizontal calisthenics with her honey. The country music thing didn't pan out, but she really didn't have her heart in it. She couldn't even be bothered to memorize "her" songs. Now she's got all the time in the world for her Cowboy.

Papa Joe's not taking it very well. He wants to line up her next ridiculous career move, and he's not above humiliating Jess to do it. He planted the fat stories in hopes of getting picked up by Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, but neither was interested, most likely because a) Jess doesn't need to lose weight, and b) They refuse to deal with his cracker ass. He's chased away more business than he's ever landed for her. Maybe it's time for Jess to finally cut Papa Joe loose. I've said it before and I'll say it again: it may be her only hope. He only cares about collecting his fee. It's time to dump the Dadager.