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Oscar De La Hoya Fishnet Photos Proven Fakes: I Was Right! I Was Right! 11.Jun.2008

Funny, but phonyOf course, that shouldn't detract from the fact that those pictures were funny - and not as hard to believe as they should have been.

The amateur experts at PrettyBoring weren't fooled by Miriam Dravel's Photoshop shenanigans, and our random accusations were validated today when some real computer experts officially confirmed they were in fact doctored.

This confirms what I've been trying to say all along: Throw enough shit against the wall and something's sure to stick. Good thing there weren't millions of dollars in litigation tied up in this bitch. Wait. There are millions involved here, but they look to be staying in the pocket of the guy who earned them. Looks like Miriam will have to go back to the titty bar for her crack money.