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Once Swell, Now Just Swollen, Ashlee Simpson May Have To Evict The Little Wendt 18.Nov.2008

She's large and in chargeBeing pregnant is tough, no doubt about it. Everything swells to five times its original size, and there's no such thing as comfortable anymore. But when your due date comes and goes with no sign of relief it can be torture. You'll try anything to hasten things along, but sometimes nature just needs a little help.

It looks like things might be going that way for Ashlee and Pete. Now going into her 25th month of pregnancy (well, not really, but it sure feels like it), Ashlee is roughly the size of a pop-up camper. If she doesn't give birth soon she'll be a three-bedroom double-wide, or so says big sis Jessica. When asked about Ashlee being induced, Jess said, "They're going to have to. It's already developing really quick." Jess sounds pretty scared. Pete probably is, too. He canceled an appearance on Larry King Live recently claiming the baby was on the way, but I think it was really because Ashlee beat him up. Again. For burning the mac and cheese.