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And The Cycle Continues. The Newest Generation Of Anorexic Teen Stars Has Begun With The 90210 Girls! 17.Sep.2008

The 90210 girls on UsWeeklyThe cover of the latest US Weekly features the two new stars of 90210, Jessica Stroup and Shanae Grimes, and has some clever headline about them being too skinny for TV.

Soon these girls will be hounded by the paparazzi. This is how stars are born sadly. The Gossip Girls and boys are the coolest kids around. They go to every party and they do it in New York which is more chic than L.A. and much more intelligent.

So the L.A. kids are losing their niche as messed up wealthy adolescents so the only thing they can do is get skinnier than the Gossip Girls. Jessica Stroup makes Leighton Meester look downright pudgy. It is especially sad to think about how much bigger Shannon Doherty and Jennie Garth were when they started on 90210. At that point, Donna was considered slightly abnormal for being a size 2.

Apparently the boys of 90210 are thinking of having an intervention with their waif costars. Let's see how that goes. Those girls should watch Mad Men. Those ladies aren't skinny and they're still hot. Plus, I must say I am so glad they made Dylan the father of Kelly's son.

I would have preferred Brandon but I was extremely worried it was going to be Steve.The skinny girls