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Hey, Carrie Prejean: The Pageant People Called. They Want Their Boob Money Back 19.Oct.2009

They paid how much for those? Hey, it's not like you accomplished anything worthwhile during your brief tenure. A beautiful blond from California who turned out to be a zealot and a homophobe, Carrie was relieved of her little crown for poor job performance and a worse attitude. She couldn't be bothered to show up for events she was contractually obligated to attend, and she angered and alienated many with her anti-gay marriage remarks.

Now the lawsuits are flying back and forth. She's suing them for religious discrimination, and now the pageant folks are striking back: They loaned Prejean the $5,200 for a boob job and they want it back.

Does Carrie Prejean even have the 5 grand to pay Miss USA back? Probably. Will she do it willingly? Probably not. Her suit against Miss USA also mentioned libel, "intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress." I'm sure she's willing to put a dollar amount on all that distress, too, since she's got nothing else going on with her life. A washed-up pageant queen has to make a living somehow.