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Jennifer Aniston, Tabloid Whore: Last Week It Was Twins, This Week She's Back On The Pity Train 17.Nov.2008

Still beating that same dead horse Because really, it is her best role. It's so real to her she just can't leave that shit alone. Even though she's got her giant ding dong back, she's still got to drag her ancient history out of the closet when she's looking for attention.

This is one part Jen doesn't need a script for. Got a movie coming out? A little Restylane, a little coke bloat, and suddenly the baby rumors start again. Gimme a break. That girl doesn't want any babies - she worked too hard to get that slamming body. When that doesn't work, she whines about her failed marriage, trying to spin sympathy into dollars.

But is America losing interest in the twisted spinster? Her guest spot on 30 Rock was their lowest-rated episode yet. And she had to kiss Alec Baldwin! The injustice of it all. If that wasn't bad enough, this week's Star trumpets the fact that Brad called Angelina the love of his life. On her buddy's talk show. What does that make Jen? Just some ancient history that won't shut up and go away.