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After Not Sleeping All Week, Britney Finally Goes Willingly Into Hospital. Mom Should Join Her 31.Jan.2008

MeltdownThe secret intervention worked - and they actually kept it a secret for once. Britney's new psychiatrist, with the help of Britney's parents and cops, talked her into going back to the psych ward for at least 72 hours. It's a good thing Clooney wasn't home - the roads were blocked off and helicopters hovered with floodlights overhead in case she made a break for it. Surprisingly, Britney was very calm about the whole thing, screaming at her mother to "Shut the hell up!" when she objected to the committal. She even went so far as to tell Britney to "Come on, let's go to Malibu." Talk about an enabler - it's no wonder her girls are in such trouble.

While Britney catches up on her sleep (she reportedly hadn't slept since Saturday), the parasites that surround her are battling over who controls her: her parents or slimy Osama Lufti. That's not much of a choice - kind of like having to choose death by fire or woodchipper. Which would you choose? I'd pick the extended stay in the loony bin.