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Rachel Zoe, Stylist To The Stars, Shows Us How To Iron Your Raisin Face 03.Feb.2008

Amazing rejuvenationHow does one get raisin face, you ask? I don't know for sure, but I've heard that excessive tanning, minimal eating and a party or two with Tina might do the trick.

And how does one escape the ravages of such a lifestyle? Well, you can get knocked up and be forced to clean up and eat more than once a week. If that idea doesn't appeal to you, it's time to call your friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon for a few rounds of Botox. Before you know it, your forehead will be smooth, shiny, and completely devoid of lifelike expression.

Rachel had to do something. After bragging that she had more influence than Anna Wintour over what is considered stylish, she's had a little trouble getting good gigs. The new "It" girls in Hollywood haven't warmed up to her rail-thin ways, and the old crowd is all either knocked up, in rehab or fallen from grace. She's had to settle for the reality show circuit to keep food on the table; she's now filming The Rachel Zoe Project for Bravo. The network says we can watch Rachel "struggle to balance putting her at the forefront of a new design business, while ensuring that she has plenty of time for the one-on-one requirements of her successful business as an A-list celebrity stylist.? Better call Tina.